Insurance Services

Our business is protection and prevention. We challenge ourselves daily to deal with and try to reduce the impact of complex risks.That’s why we work together to provide the insight that can help reduce the risks for our customers.

Financial Services

Our work involves many areas; from business owners having the security to grow their start-ups, to families travelling without the worry of ‘what if?’ and drivers knowing they’ll be rescued after an accident.

Debt collection

Every bit of our organization is manned by people who have spent years in the debt collection industry. These professionals include seasoned debt collectors, phone collection agents and managers.The somewhat complicated..

Insurance and Financial Services

Financial services insurance protects your business , accident claims, and third-party property damage expenses. With Canopy, you can quickly assess the specific risks associated with your type of financial service business and match your liability insurance coverage to meet your needs. Click on your specialty to view pricing, coverage options, and accessibility information for relevant financial services insurance policies.

Direct 24/7 access to online, no-hassle applications where you can purchase professional and general liability insurance coverage.

You should know…

If you are a company in financial products sector, it is likely that you will work with First Collect International at one point of time. A top-of-the-line global debt recovery company working , we are a member of the largest international associations, which underlines our trustworthiness in international debt collection. Leveraging our know-how, we provide personalised and persistent follow up. Along with International Debt Collection, our services extend to Credit Reports and Asset Disposal